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February 2: Mythology and the Evolution of Asana

A momentary glance at yoga in the West… As the world shrinks and common mythologies become antiquated, asana takes on new dimension. During the time of our ancient ancestors, we lived among small numbers of people, and while the cosmos … Continue reading

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February 1: Dropping Expectations

Don’t let expectations ruin your experience of the beautiful unfolding of the Now. Human beings are smart creatures.  We see patterns and can develop and live by detailed rules and routines.  Establishing order can help us feel grounded and can … Continue reading

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January 8: Being True to Your Heart

Honoring your heart takes courage.  Whether that means sharing your truth in the face of a loved one’s discomfort, or holding strong when the wave of a deep hip opener surges your body with emotion…listening to this internal guru can … Continue reading

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January 3: Distilling Distractability with Distraction

Heavy dreams last night and a busy morning had me awake shortly before my alarm went off.  The day was what I like to refer to as a “natural caffeine” day, one where I’m careful to  provide calming substances such … Continue reading

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