January 30: The ART of Yoga

As you rest in the gentle pulse of observation, focus your mind on willful elegance.


The more you accept yourself as a soul, playing the role of being YOU, the greater your access to creative expression, and the finer your art.


Asana Practice: Every moment of a practice is important, not just the poses. You are your greatest masterpiece. Just as a teacher tells you to watch the grace of your transitions, I remind you that every second of your life is a willful decision and expression of your Self.  The glance you share among practitioners, the way you park your car.  The way you hold your body, and the thoughts that move through your mind.  These are all the ART of Yoga.

If given the choice wouldn’t you choose to mimic and inspire the divine.

Lesson Learned: The practice of asana trains us to focus on every detail of every moment. As we sew together the pieces of our life work, we practice and perfect the ART of Yoga.

This entry was vaguely inspired by the book, “Why is God Laughing: The Path to Joy and Spiritual Optimism,” by Deepak Chopra.  While I usually enjoy Deepak’s teachings, I only marginally enjoyed this book.  However, the strengths of this book rest in its simplicity.

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